Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 5: Things to Get You Through the "Polar Vortex"

Hey guys!

Dal and I have been back in the southern states for a few weeks now. Our visit to Missouri was wonderful, but incredibly cold compared to the typical 50 degree winters felt in GA. It does appear that karma will be catching up with us down here though... we are officially under a winter weather warning for Wednesday! However, the storm, which is approximated to dump a massive 1 inch on Savannah, might not be up to "Polar Vortex" standard. Do not make the mistake of assuming local news channels are not trying their best though. Listening to the recent weather reports is almost as entertaining as hearing the WA weather stations call the dusting of 2012 the "SNOPOCOLYPSE." Not to be outdone, AASU along with all of Savannah has already cancelled school for Wednesday. It's Monday. And 65.

That being said, Wednesday will pull temps into the 20s and we will be reaching for our tried and true cold weather gear. These five "go-to's" kept Dal and I toasty during 6 degree temps in Missouri over Christmas break and will keep you warm if hit with the chillies this winter too.

1. Feetures! Brand Heavy Cushion Socks

Battling the winter shivers starts from "the feet up" (phrase shamelessly stolen from "American Hustle") I don't know about you guys but the moment I can't feel my toes, is the moment I'm heading back inside for a scolding hot shower. However, I have never had a problem once these biddies are slipped on. Warning: they are so thick that you might want to wear a shoe in a half size up to give yourself some room. Oh yeah, they are that good.

2. Oiselle Flyer Jacket

This little baby looks like it couldn't keep you warm on a 70 degree day, but don't let its lightness fool you! Personally tested in 30 mph winds and 6 degree temps, it performed with flying colors, blocking out the ice cold blasts with ease. It's definitely a staple in the winter wardrobe, while running or not. Downside: It's only made for the ladies, sorry gents.

3. 110 PlayHarder Bandit

I'm still in shock that this piece makes as big of a difference as it does. Multifunction at its very best, the 110 bandit is a ear saving head band, neck guard, face guard, hair accessory... the options are limitless... literally, it is delivered with a card showing 10+ ways to wear it. At 15 dollars, it is the biggest bang for the winter buck, pretty much, ever.

4. Brooks Adapt Glove

Gloves are a must have. However, Brooks sets these gloves apart by giving them the capacity to become a wind blocking mitten. They are also a nice weight--not too heavy, not too light--so that they are a great option through a wide spectrum of temperatures.,default,pd.html

5. Starbucks Hot Drinks of All Flavors

Last but, most definitely not least: The coveted Starbucks hot coffee, espresso, or tea of your choice. I have to admit that Georgians just don't know their coffee the way Washingtonians do. Coffee shops are sadly few and far between, with the nearest Starbucks miles away from a trailhead. What happened to being able to wave to a fellow coffee drinker at the Starbucks across the street while you are receiving a hot Vanilla Mocha from your own barista? Long gone is the life of Starbucks on every corner (literally). But Georgia can not keep us from earning our Starbucks stars and your geographical location should not deter you either. Go grab yourself some delicious, heavenly, creamy drink that will warm you from the inside out!

What are your best ways of battling the winter elements? We'd love to hear them!

Keep toasty out there!