Saturday, August 3, 2013

A lil' change here, a lil' change there. Ill fly with it.

Hey out there!

You might notice a couple changes to the blog. First, I had to remove the pacific northwest background as both Henry's are now in the state of Georgia. Oh yeah, you read that right. Dallas has finally reached the East coast! Even better news is that he gets to hang out in Savannah for a few weeks before trekking southwest to Fort Benning, Ga. Once there he will complete a few army schools and--fingers crossed-- will be able to visit a few weekends a month.

The second change might be a little harder to find: so for kicks, and due to my excitement, I will add the blog badge image to this post. :) Today Oiselle officially announced the names of the new members to their running team, Olé Volée. It is such an honor to be chosen as one of their athletes for the coming year! On their blog you can find a wonderful intro to the Oiselle team, a history of their company and the passion behind their mantra, "Live. Run. Fly." It is incredibly interesting and, if you have the time, should check it out.

If you have already heard of Oiselle or tried out any of their made-for-women-by-women products, you know why my excitement is overflowing. If you haven't, let me take a lil' mo' to fill you in. Racing takes you to many locations around the nation and to a variety of venues. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a brand firmly stand behind, enthusiastically support, or have the contagious passion for their athletes/the sport as Oiselle does. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that their products are all developed specifically for women. Which means that they not only fit fabulously, but are super trendy and unique. If you are skeptical, one look at their rundies will win you over.

Anyway, it is late here on the east coast so I better get to bed before I end up on a Oiselle tangent and write all night. I hope the summer has been treating you all well!

PS: I forgot to mention that Dal and I took a quick vaca to the Carribean last week. The pictures alone are worthy of their own blog post; I will make them a priority for the next write up. Cheers!

Much love