Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Ways

Hi Everyone,

Things are moving right along for Asher and I. Asher continues to
excel in her DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) program at Armstrong
Atlantic State University. While I am plugging along in my Army
Captains career course.
My fellow classmates and I have begun our training for the infamous
"RANGER SCHOOL" which will begin this spring after my graduation. I am
so excited for the first rate training experience and the opportunity
to extend the family tradition of earn "the tab!!"

Asher and I spend just about every weekend on the road driving to see
each other. Asher is attending school in Savannah, GA and I am in
Columbus, GA. If you are good with your deep south geography you know
that we are on the opposite southern tips of Georgia. No worries
though, I have the trip down under 3 hours and 45 minutes. Asher is
still a rookie and struggling in the 4 hour range. Giver her time,
she'll drop that PR.

A quick update on our training, and then back to my school work.
Asher and I are both after it as hard as ever!
Now that Asher has mastered how to manage both a doctorate program and
elite athlete training she is plugging away at the mileage and looking
forward to a few big races this late winter and into the spring. She
will be looking for a road 5k PR in March as she joins her Oiselle
teammates for the Shamrock run in Virginia. Who knows she may even
decide to make that her 1/2 marathon debut (that's my vote=)

After a little set back with a hamstring injury, and what seemed like
and endless month in the pool and on the bike, I am loading back up on
volume. Much like Asher I have a full slate of races planned for the
winter and spring. I will be looking to go after my first major 1/2
marathon win at the Birmingham 1/2 marathon in FEB. Also depending on
my course requirements I might be racing in Boulder at the USATF cross
country championships as a member of the All-Army cross country team.

As always everyone thanks for all the support and a special thank you
to our sponsors. You guys do so much for us. Giving us that little
extra motivation to run on the cold early winter day or help us
recover from our big weekly workout, you are a HUGE part of our daily
success. We love representing you!!!

Thanks for Catching up with Dasher.