Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beauty Of The Washington Coast

When my mom visited Dal and I in late December we took a few day trips around Washington. Although Taters found it necessary to eat the memory card holding most of these pictures, we had used a few different cameras. Thus, we are still able to share some with you!

Deception Pass is approximately two and a half hours north of where we live. The ocean meets the Puget Sound and creates massive whirlpools under a green wrought iron bridge. It is an amazing sight.

Some of the WhirlPools
The Puget Sound from the Bridge.

There are trails throughout the area... Some leading up to the
whirlpools where crazies were getting too close for comfort. 

Two and a half hours in the western direction landed us in the Olympic National Forest. Highway 101 circles the Olympic Pennisula and provides some of the most beautiful views Washington has to offer. Dallas wasn't able to travel with us during this trip, so we had to bring the pups to keep us company. :) We jumped on 101 at Aberdeen and followed it through the Quinault Indian Reservation north to our first destination.  

Most of the photos are from this location. Ruby Beach is an area where large rocks the size of small islands jut out of the ocean and create magnificent landscapes. We were luck enough to be there on an incredibly windy day when the swells were, at times, fifteen feet high and crashing against the coast line. Ruby Beach is filled with pebble stones that appear drab brownish gray from a distance. However, as you look closer, the beach is filled with multi-colored beautiful stones: Green, white, gold, and vibrant red, which gave the beach its name. We collected a few of these and they now serve as decor for the house:)



Along with the large waves, the forests of the interior peninsula provided some of the largest trees in the state. Continuing on 101 lead to many pull offs to visit some of the most amazing ones.


Visiting all of these areas left us ravished and we soon headed to Port Angeles to order Dungenous Crab Mac and Cheese at Woodfire Grill. It is one of the best meals I have ever had, made the trip perfect... and left us to drive the remaining two and a half hours home with stomach aches. :)

As a final note, as some of you might be wondering: Yes, we drove through Forks, and yes the whole town smelled of rotten fish... Although, the lattes were tasty. No vampires or wolves to be found. Sad. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics! We had an amazing time taking them. :)