Monday, August 8, 2011

1500 meter race effort

Hey Everyone,

Well, my big plans to finish my track season with a great 1500 meter time, didn't play out as I had hope.  Even though my buddy Joe Gray, the reigning US 15k trail running champion, put in a great pacing effort and I had great encouragement from my training partners Brie Felnagel, Greg Leak and Dan Mclain, the race effort came up a few seconds short of what I was hoping to hit. To be truthful, I kind of fell asleep when Joe wasn't on the track with me.

The video is posted below.  If you put your watch to it you will see my splits were almost like a fartlek workout.
First 300- (:48)
Next 400- (61.8)
Next 400- (65.7)
Last 400- (60.2)
I basically ran 4:18 mile pace, then pinched it down to 4:04 mile pace, then back to 4:18 and finished at 4:02 pace. It end up this wasn't a very good depiction of my fitness, as I had hoped it to be.

I spoke with my coach, Matt Ellis, and we decided now would be a great time to take a few days off to recover from the high training cycle. After my short break, we will transition my focus to properly prepare for the Army Ten Miler on October 9th. Coach was pleased with my time in the qualifier last weekend, especially since I have mainly been doing aerobic threshold/ lactic threshold work--Ideal mid-distance training--on the track for the last 6 weeks.

Looking forward, I am excited to see what I can do in about 9 weeks from now. Unfortunately, there is still no word if I am on the All-Army National team yet, but I will be keeping my fingers crossed. During the preparation for the 10-miler qualifier, I have found a great new training partner. He has also become the newest member of our training group. His name is Greg Leak and he is a Second Lieutenant that literally works 3 blocks from me. He also lives less than 2 miles from the new place Asher and I are moving into. I am really glad to have a fellow officer around to log some mileage with. Greg is training for the Olympic trails in the half marathon, and he is going to have a great look at qualifying.

Thats all for now everyone. Hope all is well, I will drop a line again next week to layout the training plan my coach has for me between now and the big 10 miler.
Take Care!

Much Love and Mileage,

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