Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleepless near Seattle

I can't sleep.

I have been laying here for the last hour looking out at the night through our bedroom window. Although, if I had to choose any night to toy with insomnia, this is a great one. I can count the number of times I have seen the stars while living here, and this happens to be one of them. Somehow the small sparks of light always remind me of home where, as a kid, I would spend summer nights laying on the trampoline just staring at the vibrant array of constellations. In Washington, they are not as spectacular, although, equally appreciated. Anytime you can see the sky through the cloud cover is a wonderful blessing. 

Washington has had it's fair share of cloudy days in the past week. In fact, the last post might have ginxed the entire region as we made national news due to the large snow storm that dropped up to 12 inches. That is the last time I will poke fun at the small amount of snow WA normally receives. That being said, I will not pretend that Dal being off work for six days wasn't awesome. Even with the trees falling through the neighborhood, occasional electric outages and difficulty running, it was a blast. The pups were obsessed with playing in the snow till the point of exhaustion and we were loving the entertainment from our neighbors who abandoned their cars and committed to cross country skis as their main form of transportation. Crazies or no crazies, running during this time was nothing short of beautiful. I took our small camera on one particular run and will upload pictures in the morning- it is a must see.

Until then, I will say goodnight and wish everyone a fabulous week ahead.

Much love and mileage, Dasher

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