Monday, March 28, 2011


Note: We have been working on the video from our trip into the beautiful mountains a couple weekends ago. However, it is being extremely difficult... we will keep working.

It has been a long couple of weeks for the White Lantern at work. As platoon leader he is continually pushed to do more with increased efficiency... And although a great thing, his energy reserve has been stretched to its limit. Along with work, masters classes have been picking up with three papers due this week alone. However, the silver lining is that this training week is a lower in mileage, which should balance out the other areas in his life ramping up.

On top of that Dal's dad, Joe, came to visit this weekend. We had a chance to use our gigantic new dining table and host dinner for Joe, Aunt Charleen and Uncle Doug, as well as their daughter Lauren, and her boyfriend. It was a great night full of ridiculous stories and grown men laughing so hard they cried... Which in turn, made everyone else laugh so hard they cried.

Joe introduced us to a new little restaurant in Gig Harbor named Tides Tavern, with amazing views of the Sound and ridiculous sweet potato fries. Word is you can rent a boat for the day and when you are hungry, dock at the restaurant for food and live music in the summer months. Just another thing that we would use to bribe anyone reading this to come out and visit. ;)

On a more recent note, Brie and I signed up for Spanish Conversation I and II to run consecutively till late June. We are pumped! Annnnnddd a bit scared, as it feels like we haven't been using our brains in quite some time. Its twice a week and later in the day so we can still get all of our workouts and training in.

We are all currently looking forward to our first meet, April 16th, at Mt. Sac. Dallas will be running the 1500m and I'll be lacing up for the 5k. We will post the link to either view it live, or watch the taped version after the race.

Lastly, huge congrats to Edi and Travis on moving into their new house! And to Lacey and Travis... Once he gets done dominating Ranger school, they are moving out to Colorado Springs!

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