Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey all, hope everyone is doin well. 

Quick updates:

Ash and I had a great last weekend. I had a friday off, so after our group workout, we pushed out to the Olympic Mountain range and spent a few days exploring. I was epic and full of amazing scenery, I can't wait to go back. I have put together some footage that we took on the trip that we hope you take a glance at. 

Things with work are going well, I am figuring things out more everyday. I love the guys I work with and my boss is giving my more and more leeway.

My MBA class is pretty challenging right now, I am taking a business law class and Asher agrees with me, it is like reading Greek. Things with running are goin great as well. Asher and I are headed down to L.A. in a few weeks for our first race, I think I can put a great early season race together. We have a few big workouts coming up I'll be sure to film them and get them posted. Until then, everyone take care and enjoy some clips my our weekend getaway. I miss you all.


  1. Clips? Footage? I'm not seeing them...

  2. Blah! The video didn't show up. I will get Dallas to work on uploading again asap (seeing as he refuses to let even me see it before it's finish and actually posted:))

  3. FO SHO totally wanna go up on the 4th of July weekend...yeah that's right I was listenin :)


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