Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey everybody, hope all is well.

I got off work reasonably early today, so I thought I would throw a quick update out.
Things at work are going strong. I was in charge of running a hand grenade range last week. It went really well. We threw a total of 150 grenades and there were no issues to mention... Which sounds normal and simple but every time I am in charge of a range I get nervous because, as the commanding officer onsite, I am responsible for all activity. Translation, no matter who messes up or why, I am the one who answers to the law for it... that is the 'not so sexy' side of being an officer.

Last weekend I traveled up to the University of Washington and ran a 1200 meter time trial. I ran in one of the mile races they were having and just hung in for the portion I needed to do. It was a good showing that my coach and I were happy with, so that is a good thing. It was just a time trial so it is hard to take to much away from it. Sometimes the best thing that can come away from a time trial is the fact that nothing bad happened. That being said, everything with running seems to be on track for getting where I wanna go. Here is the is the link to click on if you wanna watch the race. I am the one in bright orange=)

Time trial race

I am gonna get ahead on some school. Take care all

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