Tuesday, March 1, 2011

White Lantern.

I'm starting to believe that I married the Green Lantern. Dallas must be a super hero in disguise.

Either that or he is an alien visitor like those on the show "V" whom you think are human, but then out of no where, jump over a building... or off one... land on their feet and keep running.

So here is what I'm talking about: Dallas gets up between 4-5 a.m. makes breakfast, drives into work, physical training ("PT") with his guys, runs on his own and then begins work by 8-9 a.m.

From this point forward he does anything and everything that is needed of him, often dealing with 18 year olds that have way too much money and don't use their brain enough. Somewhere between field exercises, ruck marches, managing 15 or 20 people and who knows what else he manages to eat and find a way, (on a good day) to get out in time to meet up with the crew for a late afternoon workout.

After 12 or 13 hours of being awake, he laces up and heads out to Bellermaine Prep, where we do most of out workouts. Today, its 200's and 400's but it can range all the way up to 5xmile or The Michigan... A workout that would take a whole new post to describe.

We get home and make dinner around 6 p.m. and pack everything for his work in the morning. An hour or two of downtime max and he is off to bed to start again. That is if he doesn't have an assignment, paper or quiz due for his Master's classes.

Thinking about 60 hours of work minimum, 75 miles a week minimum and working toward an MBA is quite enough to make me break out in shingles again, or shAAngles, as we like to call it. Thus, the only conclusion my mind can come too is that he must be the Green Lantern... or an alien. Although, I'm leaning towards the Green Lantern or White Lantern, as I shall call him, seeing as we all look like cast members of Twilight due to the amount of sunlight we get here.


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  1. We <3 you...and feel uterally completely lazy when we read your updates...I keep telling myself that once we move life will slow down to be in enough of a routine to get 'moving' again...
    Ah well...I'll just live vicariously through u and D.
    Miss you and wish we were closer...


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