Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Monkey!

So it has been quite the two weeks since we last updated the blog. Many things have changed/are in the works of changing... Events for later posts, I'm sure.

After leaving Mark in the land of sunshine and sunburns, we arrived to a blistery and rainy day.... shocking. Looking back it was actually quite ominous. Soon after, Dallas found out that certain hormones as well as his vitamin D stores, were at rock bottom levels... Right next to where his energy lied.  He has since been on a combination of supplements that make him feel exponentially better. He is being lifted from the fog that had slowly thickened for the last... well, maybe years.

We raced at the Oregon Relays just days after he heard the news, and hours before he started his supplement routine. Needless to say times were not great,  but the effort was consistent, and that is all that counts in the long run, no pun intended. :) Dal took a week "off"-- only running 35-60 minutes depending on how he felt on the particular day. However, he could only make it till the next Saturday before he was itching to put in a good effort, and because of such, hit the track again. He is now slowly increasing his effort in workouts and daily runs. Hopefully he will be back to full force in a few weeks... and very likely blowing times out of the water when, after his levels are normal, he is able to run at full capacity.

At the same meet Dal found out of his insufficiencies, Brie and I found out that coach is kicking us out of the state for a month. High altitude training is common with athletes in our sport--Brie actually went to Mexico early this year for just that thing--and after hearing that one of the elite athletes at the meet just came down from high altitude, and watching her demolish the field, Matt decided it was just what we needed.

So we set to finding a good place to head off to as quickly as possible. Flagstaff was the first inclination, however, we soon realized that CO Springs is the appropriate height and the Pettegrew's made the location even sweeter. We started figuring out ways to bribe them into letting Brie and I invade their house for 4 weeks. :)

They obliged with little coaxing (thank you!) and we will be starting our visit this coming Tuesday. Although leaving Dallas for a month is awful to even think about, it's going to be great for training and finally getting to see Edi, Travis and all the chillins will be awesome. Brie and I have already planned out the month in movies, tween books and sparkle finger nail polish. When you are training there isn't a lot of wiggle room for exploring or outings, even when you are in an amazing state like CO.

Much news to write about in the upcoming month so keep checking back in! :)

Oh and if you happen to be bored, check out our running group(+mark weiczorek) YouTube favorite for the past couple of months. It will not disappoint:

Baby Monkey!

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