Sunday, April 17, 2011

California Dreamin'

Well, Asher and I are headed back up to the great northwest.

Our trip to kick off our track season was close to great.

Asher ran very well in the 5k. She PR'd with a 16:43, and looks to keep raising the mark as she learns how to race that distance more this year. I, on the other hand, did not have a great race. I technically PR'ed but only because I have not seriously ran the race before. My time was probably 8-10 seconds slower than I should have run... so that was disappointing. All that being said, if I had set the track on fire instead of a sluggish performance I would still move forward in the same way and keep training and keep racing. So I am back to work on Monday and then down to Eugene on Friday and Saturday to double the 1500/800m.

Seeing Mark, my college roommate and one of the groomsmen from our wedding, was as awesome as ever. Mark recently moved to LA so we were able to stay at his place and he squired us about town when we weren't at the track. We got a couple of good runs in, and had an awesome time down at the beach Saturday night.

While seeing Mark is always amazing and I was so happy to see Asher start chopping her PR down in the 5k, the best part of the trip was without a doubt the sweet, sweet glorious HEAT.

The sunburn on my shoulders confirms that I am very deprived of the rays that spring brings. I am pretty sure after 10 minutes in the direct sun I was already burnt. Burn or no burn I still love the touch of glow that LA gave us. I am hoping that Washington is ready to catch up with the times and ready to bring some heat.

I hope everyone is well and I hope everyone has a blessed Holy Week.

Asher will post soon and she has a few pics from the weekend. I'll also try to edit together some of her race video.

Take care

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