Friday, December 2, 2011

Cross Country Crazies

Hi guys! Lots of Cross Country news to report on!

We have been quite busy lately with the end of the high school cross country season as well as the beginning of ours.

Here is a recap on our high school seasons:
Dallas and Mark's team, Gig Harbor, won the 4A State Cross Country Championships on the boys side! A couple weeks later, they also qualified for Nike Team Nationals and will be competing this coming weekend down in Oregon. They have a very solid team and we will try to keep you updated on how they do.
Bellarmine Prep, the school I coach at, earned 2nd place honors at the 4A Girls State race with an outstanding performance by each athlete. We couldn't have asked for more and were insanely proud of them. The point spread between the top three finishing teams was 11 points and was one of the most exciting races I have seen.
Here is the link to the results if you are curious:

Gig Harbor Boys Results

Bellarmine Prep Girls Results

As for our personal cross country season, it began at the Pacific Northwest Cross Country Championships at Upper-Lower (I know, weird.) Woodland Park in Seattle. It was our training group's "rust buster" and a crazy hard/fun course. It was a great race to open at seeing as the hills and 180 turns made us focus on effort instead of time. Im attaching some pictures of us, as well as a few of the people we train with for you guys to check out :)

Asher Kyger Henry... Not the best shot :) And I can't decide if  that is my hair or not!
Dallas Henry... With the Army Jersey!
Mark Wieczorek... He ran with Dal for 5k for his workout. Silly 800m runners :) 
Dan McLean

Mike Lynes
Our Coach, Matt Ellis... No no, not the man confused about why there isn't dumbbells for the winners. :)


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