Saturday, December 3, 2011

What's better than one blog post?? Two!

Hey guys!

We forgot to update you on Dal's first Army Ten Miler experience! The race was held in Washington D.C. and he was privileged enough to not only represent Ft. Lewis but also the National All-Army Team!

The race began at the Pentagon and wove its way through vacant government streets, around monuments and across pebble stone bridges. (If you wanna check out the awesome course click here)

Teams represented at the race included International teams, all the army bases across the U.S. and branches of ROTC. The total number of runners exceeded 22,000! Dal's All-Army Team took home the 1st place honors, beating an array of teams including Brazil and Canada.

Although Dal threw his hip out of place stepping in a grate at mile 4 :( it was still a good experience and really prepared him for big time road racing- something he hasn't been exposed to in the past.

While we were there we also were able to spend some time hanging out with Joe and Tammy, along with Buck- Dal's bro. Dal and the team spent their post race days schmoozing with Army folk at a large conference that was held in conjunction with the race. This was also a great experience for him. He was able to see a different side of the Army--most large contracting firms were represented as well as many high ranking officers.

When Dal had team time, I grabbed a Metro card and went exploring. I was able to see the monuments while chasing Dallas around the 10 mile course, but now I was able to go into the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of National History, roam around the National Lawn and run through Old Town Virginia and beside the beautiful canal. I have been to Washington D.C. during the time when my Aunt worked in the Pentagon, but it never fails to hit me in a powerful way. The history in D.C. is like no other place in the U.S.

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